How to Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag

A 14-divider golf bag is a must-have for all golfers. This is due to its ability to keep clubs well-organized and reduce the risk of snagging. 

Keeping your 14-divider golf bag organized is a lot less hassle than you think. 

We are here with a comprehensive guide on organizing a 14-divider golf bag. It will teach you how to organize your clubs and equipment efficiently and effectively. 

Simple Tips to Organize a 14-Divider Golf Bag

You should arrange other equipment properly for optimal golf performance. Organizing will help you keep your clubs and other gear in their proper place while on the golf course.

  • Start by completely emptying the bag. Whether you’re using a new one or reorganizing an existing one, it’s important to empty it. This step is important as it lets you take a comprehensive look at all your equipment and accessories. It helps ensure that everything is in good condition. You can also check if your club bag sticks out smoothly by bringing everything out.
  • After you have emptied the bag, do a thorough cleaning. Turning the bag inside out allows you to vacuum each of the individual compartments. Thoroughly clean and remove stuck dirt or debris and prepare the bag for use.
  • After cleaning, carefully position your clubs, golf balls, and other equipment in their proper place.
  • It’s also essential to ensure that your bag is properly balanced and not too heavy on one side. Doing so will lessen the strain on your back as you move it from point to point around the course.

How to Organize 14-Divider Golf BagWhat Should I Include in My Golf Bag?

  • Clubs

Many golfers carry many clubs and accessories in their golf bags, but it is optional to have so much equipment at once. Each club serves a different purpose, and by limiting yourself to 14, you will have a good selection of clubs without overloading your bag. 

These 14 clubs should include a driver, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, irons, and a putter. This will ensure you have enough balls to play golf without weighing down your bag. 

  • Tees

Rather than carrying thousands of tees, it’s best to have around 30-40 tees. 

  • Repair Tools and Ball Markers

Additionally, having a limited number of divot repair tools and ball markers is a good idea. Carrying a dozen divot repair tools and ball markers is optional and will only weigh you down. This will help to ensure that you have easy access to the equipment you need while on the golf course.

How to Organize a 14-Divider Golf Bag

A divider bag is essential for every pro-golfer to carry along. Therefore, you must arrange it nicely to have a joyful golfing experience.

Having a well-organized golf bag is vital for several reasons. In addition, it safeguards your golf gear from rain, snow, and other harsh conditions.

  • Place the Woods at the Rear

This placement is essential, as it allows easy access to shorter clubs like wedges and irons. It’s worth considering the types of clubs you carry when organizing your bag, but the main point is that wood should be at the back, towards the rear. 

The entire wood set may fit in the back row depending on the clubs. Because of this, you can quickly retrieve them whenever you need them. 

You should place more wood in the front section of the bag, as it is typically the club used most often. This will help to streamline your game and make it more efficient. 

  • Add the Short Irons

It would help to place these clubs in the lower middle section of the bag. It is because this space is specifically for irons and hybrids. 

It’s crucial to keep the short irons separate so that you can easily access the right club when needed and avoid the confusion of searching through mixed clubs. Hence, you will not waste time and will make them easily accessible. 

First, place your 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron, and then add the rest of your short irons. By keeping the short irons together in the middle section of the bag, you can quickly find the club you need, which will improve your game efficiency. We recommend keeping the irons in numerical order. 

  • Place the Long Irons in the Slots

Placing them in a specific location within your golf bag is essential to ensure easy access and quick retrieval of your long irons during your game. Check the pockets on the back of the bag, and place the longest iron in the top middle row, towards the right slot.

This will facilitate easy access to the three and 4-iron, which you should place at the end of the row. 

  • Place the Wedges and the Putter on the Bottom Slots

To organize your golf bag efficiently, it’s crucial to put your putter in the right spot for easy access and storage. You should place the putter in the broadest slot or pocket.

Moreover, we recommend putting the flat stick of the putter in the bottom pocket or space for ease of organization.

Proper placement of the putter also ensures easy retrieval from the bag. The putter should be placed in the bottom pocket and on the left-hand side of the bag, near the driver and long irons. This arrangement allows ample space for a complete set of wedge clubs in a 14-slot golf bag.

Best 14 divider golf bags offer dedicated pockets for sand, pitching, lobbing, and gap wedges, keeping them separate and easily accessible.

You should place the pitching wedge first, followed by the gap, sand, and lob wedges. 

  • Put In Other Things After the Clubs

Some cart bags come with designated pockets specifically designed to hold accessories.

While you may only need four pockets for your gear, you can use the additional pockets to store items such as wet items or other stuff. Place your accessories in the designated pockets and finish by putting your towel in the dedicated pocket on the bag’s exterior. 

This way, you can ensure that all your gear and accessories are easily accessible and stored correctly during your game. This will make your game more organized and efficient.

How to Organize 14-Divider Golf Bag

Types of Golf Bags

  • Tour Bags

Professional golfers often use tour bags which are significantly larger than the other types of golf bags. They are quite heavy and can weigh up to 10 pounds and are commonly seen during tournaments, hence the name “tour bags.” Tour bags for golfing can have anywhere from 9 to 14 compartments.

The interior of these bags is large enough to hold a full set of 14 clubs, as well as golf balls, gloves, tees, rain gear, and even beverages. The luxurious design features of these bags make them ideal for storing all the equipment that a golfer might require.

However, it’s important to note that due to its weight, it’s not suitable for carrying around the course and can cause injury if not handled properly. To avoid this, many golf clubs offer the services of professional caddies who take care of the equipment for the golfers. 

If you’re a golfer who needs a big bag that can carry all your gear, this is the one for you.

  • Cart Bags

Cart bags are meant to be used in golf carts and offer ample space, similar to tour bags. They typically have up to 14 slots on the top with full-length dividers, as well as other pockets to store your gear, drinks, and accessories, and an external putting well. 

These bags are not as heavy as tour bags, usually weighing around 5-7 pounds, and are meant to stay in the cart while in use. Hence, it makes them less suitable for carrying by hand. 

  • Stand Bags

Those who appreciate the benefits of walking and low-impact exercise often find golf to be an enjoyable activity. Stand bags are ideal for traditionalists who prefer to walk and keep their equipment minimal. 

These bags feature retractable legs for stable placement on different types of terrain and an angled opening for convenient club selection. Additionally, many stand bags can be worn on the back like a backpack, as they are not as heavy as a cart or tour bag and have straps for easy carrying. 

Although they are lightweight, stand bags can still accommodate the maximum of 14 clubs allowed by the USGA.

  • How to Organize 14-Divider Golf Bag

    Travel Bags

When traveling with golf clubs, securing them from damage is essential. Specialized travel bags are created with the intention of protecting the clubs during the trip. 

These bags come with padded tops to protect the clubs from scratches and dings, reinforced handles for easy carrying, and additional pockets for keeping accessories.

There are two main types of travel bags: hard and soft. 

Hard cases provide the highest level of protection and durability but can be heavier. Soft cases are lightweight but may not provide as much protection as hard cases. 

Golfers who frequently travel and want to keep their clubs in good condition must have a travel bag. Depending on the size, these bags can have anywhere from a few to 14 compartments.

  • Sunday Bags

The Sunday bag is a type of golf bag that is both lightweight and minimalistic. Its main purpose is to hold only the bare necessities.

The name “Sunday bag” comes from the fact that, historically, caddies were unavailable to work on Sundays. As a result, golfers need a more streamlined solution for carrying their gear, and the Sunday bag comes as a solution.

14-Divider Bags Versus Stand and Cart Bags

There are several golf bags to choose from when carrying your golf clubs and accessories. One popular option is the 14-way divider golf bag, which keeps your clubs safe and secure. Moreover, it provides a separate compartment for each club. 

This can be helpful for players who frequently change their club selection during a round. In addition to the club dividers, 14-way divider golf bags often have a variety of pockets and compartments for storing accessories such as gloves, tees, balls, and scorecards. 

These bags have a stand built into the base. This makes accessing your clubs and accessories easy while on the course.

Cart bags are great for those who prefer to use a golf cart. Their design is handy; you can use them with a cart and often have more pockets and storage space than other bags. They’re built to last and can withstand the elements, making them ideal for use in the great outdoors.

14-way divider golf bags are an excellent choice for those who want to keep their clubs organized and protected, while stand and cart bags may be more suitable for other golfers and golfing experiences. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the bag that best fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are 14-divider bags better than 5 or 8-way bags?

If you have expensive clubs that you want to keep a dedicated slot, then 14-divider bags are the best choice for you. Moreover, it is easier to grab the clubs that you need since each has its own slot.

In the past, golf bags with dividers were uncommon. Some may remember using rubber sleeves inserted into the top half of the golf bag to create dividers.

However, with the advancement in technology, 14 divider golf bags have undergone a significant change in design. The new generation of golf bags comes with sleek and modern designs compared to their predecessors.

2. How many dividers should there be in a golf bag?

The number of dividers in your golf bag is essential, as it should reflect your playing style. Golfers new to the game may use certain clubs more frequently and need more dividers to separate and organize them.

For this reason, we suggest using golf bags with more than six dividers, as it makes it easy to distinguish between frequently used clubs and others. 

However, some golfers may prioritize aesthetics over functionality and choose bags with fewer dividers.

3. Do I need a 14-divider golf bag?

When deciding if a 14-way divider golf bag is right for you, there are several factors to consider. For golfers who use clubs with graphite shafts and often play on a cart, a 14-way divider bag is suitable.

The 14-slot golf bag allows each club to have its designated space. This minimizes the risk of damage by clubs rubbing against each other while the cart is on rough terrain. Moreover, it makes it easier to locate the club you need quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, it helps you identify any clubs missing after each hole. This can help prevent frustration and wasted time searching for misplaced clubs.


In conclusion, organization is critical in carrying a golf bag. Limiting yourself to the essential clubs, balls, tees, divot repair tools, and ball markers will allow you to focus on your game. Moreover, it will also help you to get rid of excess weight. 

By following the simple tips, you can ensure that your 14-slot golf bag stays organized and easy to access. Investing some time to organize your golf bag today will pay off tomorrow.

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